Crowdsourcing better healthcare.


“We are still far from understanding how healthcare practice can be improved rapidly, comprehensively, at large scale, and sustainably. In fact, this observation has been made several times in previous decades.Published May, 2019

Something is wrong with the U.S. healthcare system.


Trillion dollars spent per year

We spend more money per person on healthcare than anyone else ever in human history. In 2017, life expectancy went down for the first time since World War One—and keeps declining. For most of the leading causes of death, mortality rates are higher in the U.S. than in comparable countries.



million stressed doctors & nurses

Over 50% of U.S. physicians exhibit signs of burnout, while committing suicide at double the average rate. Over 30% of other licensed medical professionals suffer. Who cares for the caregivers?



bankruptcies out of 10

Over 60% of bankruptcies in the United States are tied to illness and the cost of getting treatment. Recent legislation to help keep people out of bankruptcy hasn’t helped. GoFundMe CEO confirms 1 in 3 campaigns are for medical expenses.

“It’s overwhelming. What can be done?”

It’s Time to Reboot Healthcare

Everyone’s talking about how Healthcare needs to change — the debate continues to rage between Medicare for All and an unregulated free market. Efforts to improve healthcare are fragmented, disjointed, and often only complicate matters further.

Reboot Healthcare is doing the hard work of bringing all stakeholder perspectives together. We are committed to clarifying and informing the discussions legislative bodies, health plans, and technology vendors have by communicating what people actually want.

Reboot Healthcare translates healthcare complexity into actionable steps designed to improve our everyday experience of healthcare.


1. Crowdsource Priorities

Gather and prepare healthcare issue information from published research, media stories, and surveys

Prioritize issues based on scope and severity

Define what success looks like for highest priority issues

Outcome: Healthcare Issue Severity Index

2. Drive Solutions

Identify potential breakthrough solutions

Evaluate solution viability and maturity

Select candidates for action

Outcome: Healthcare Breakthrough Index

3. Take Action

This is the Reboot Step!

Support breakthrough solutions

Support or develop pilot projects

Outcomes: Better healthcare! and published results


You might say, “but aren’t people already doing this?”

Not transparently, out in the open, available for all to participate and have a voice. We are actively committed to having physicians, patients, employers, and other licensed medical professionals be represented in the discussion about which healthcare issues are most urgent and the best ways to resolve those issues.

Want something fixed?

Have a solution for something that’s broken?

You can do something about the broken healthcare system.

We can’t reboot healthcare without you.