Reboot Healthcare’s Perks-based Crowdfund to Develop a New Health Insurance Plan

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Your contribution supports the mission and receives in return only the described perk(s).  Reboot Healthcare is pre-permit and this crowdfunding campaign is not selling health benefits or equity. Healthcare is a highly regulated industry, and we are in compliance with the law.

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  • Does your health insurance only work when you don’t need it?

  • Do you spend hours trying to get answers to simple questions (like how much something will cost)?

  • When you hear that health plan executives receive multi-million-dollar salaries and bonuses, do you wonder why people can’t afford insulin, chemo, or other necessities?

The business part of healthcare is broken.
We're going to Reboot Healthcare and
you can help — yes, you!

Our new health plan will deliver efficient, accessible, and affordable healthcare through our advanced network and apps
for patients and physicians.

What's the problem?

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a prestigious professional services network, wrote this report in 2015  their dual summaries below are eloquent, accurate, and profoundly disturbing:

“The nation’s healthcare billing and payment system is an artifact of an earlier age… A horse-and-buggy in a world contemplating driverless cars, the healthcare industry’s consumer billing and payment system is an inefficient antique. Much can be done in the near-term to improve the system, but longer-term fixes will require a new structure for a New Health Economy.”

Kaiser Family Foundation reports average family premiums rose 4% to $21,342 in 2020.

How we're different

Healthcare needs updated systems and we have designed the tools .

We looked at the current systems, and filled the gaps. Our systems are designed talk to each other — and external systems — natively.

Why should you trust us to deliver a new health economy model?

      • We have demonstrated experience solving major operational challenges we were told “couldn’t be solved”.
      • We have designed methods and tools that provide transparent financial and coverage arrangements for both patients and providers.
      • We are putting healthcare risk management and financing squarely into the health plan where it belongs, freeing provider resources to focus on patient care.
It’s time to Reboot Healthcare starting with a lean, efficient, customer- and provider-focused health insurance company. Our quadruple aim is:
      • Extraordinary patient experience and peace of mind,
      • Facilitate communication and data sharing to improve population health,
      • Dramatically reduce costs, and
      • Improve the work life of health care providers, including clinicians and staff.

Quick, understandable, accurate
health benefits

Patient Care + Patient-and-Physician-Friendly Technology
= Peace of Mind

Finally — smart, user-focused technology simplifies the business part of healthcare. Our tools for physicians allow them to provide the best care pathways and ensure the best outcomes for their patients.

For Patients 

  • Accurate real-time information about healthcare plans and options 
  • Reduced premium costs
  • Real time access to telespecialists

For Physicians & Providers

  • 72 hour payment using Healthcare Cash Register ©
  • Real time eligibility accuracy
  • Contracts renewed automatically at market rate or above

real time service

Quick, friendly, efficient, and accurate —  at the time of the service

For Patients

ForCurrent SystemOur Startup
Specialty care approvals:3-28 daysSame day
Request to add your physician:90-120 days30 day Concierge Model
Health Plan Satisfaction:25% people change plans each yearLess than 5% leave our plan each year
Health Plan Premiums:Varies20% less than average
Claim Denial Rates:Rose 23% since 2016Less than 5% -- advance health service reservation
Returned Call Rates:Industry average ~ 78.1%Target: 100%

Physicians and Other Providers

ForCurrent SystemOur Startup
Treatment decision making:LImited treatment decisions allowedClinical autonomy /
Payment / Settlement:12.4 days average72 hours
Referral processing:By law: 3-5 days. In practice: 8-10 daysOn-demand same day*
Credentialing /
Send "snail" mail and email requestsConcierge approach and provider-specific online document vault.

Allows CMEs to be uploaded as they are earned.
Patient financial responsibility:Patient’s out of pocket is an estimate.

Deductible accumulator can be up to 6 months out of date.
Patient responsibility is accurate based on provider contract
Maximize payment terms:Pay lower of billed or contracted ratePay contracted rate
Contracts:Discourage contract updates -- rates are generally much lower than market rateRenewed automatically at market rate or higher

* If provider uses Healthcare Cash Register ©

Where we are now

This venture are just getting started! We have been a service provider to healthcare organizations, but are now pivoting away in order to capitalize on the first real opportunity to transform healthcare we have seen in the past 20 years. We have already designed tools to solve the business process problems.

Starting a health plan is nothing new; several of them are less than a decade old.

Radically simplifying legacy 1970s business processes that current underlying healthcare has never been done. Reboot Healthcare is changing that.

We have:

  • Identified our legal, actuarial, and operational teams
  • Drafted our business plan
  • Dusted off every one of our breakthrough technology wireframes
Now: Raise the funds we need to get California Department of Managed Health Care’s approval to operate.

What's the
money for?

We are raising funds to meet state requirements

It will come as no surprise that starting a health plan comes with massive amounts of paperwork and regulatory review.

Your contribution will get us started on:

  1. Preparing the California Department of Managed Health Care application
  2. Review all plans with regulators
  3. Fees associated with application submissions
  4. Industry Specific Software

Risks & Challenges

  1. To gain regulatory approval for a health plan is a complex process.
  2. Specific staff and contract resources are needed to complete the task.
  3. Required resources have been identified but are not yet under contract.
  4. We might not meet our crowdfunding goal and regulatory filing may be delayed.
  5. Finally, it is possible Reboot Healthcare will not be granted the right to become a health plan. We fully expect the funds raised by this Crowdfunding campaign will be exhausted while preparing for and going through the initial regulatory process. Should this occur, and there are excess funds, we will communicate with contributors in an open and transparent way to determine the method of return.

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Laura Landry 

Health Operations & Information Technology 

I have been been at the intersection of healthcare operations and health technology innovation since 2000 when I designed and implemented projects for the County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services and later the City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services. I led a team in addressing the complex business process, privacy, security, and systems integration required to demonstrate health data liquidity could be accomplished at scale. We were one of nine federal contract awardees  of the Nationwide Health Information Network project.

I am passionate about taking care of the people in healthcare who take care of the patients.

My focused purpose is to deliver affordable peace of mind — which is the declared purpose of health insurance but has not been the fact of it for decades.

Patients, physicians, nurses, and all the other people in and around healthcare deserve business processes and technology systems that are as user-friendly and accurate as  online banking or on-demand product purchasing.

It’s time to radically simplify the business aspect of healthcare.

S. Bre Jackson

Market Development & Physician Strategist

Healthcare is a people driven market. Every patient deserves the best of care. I call that True Care. True Care is optimizing the healthcare continuum with the physicians and specialists synchronously coordinating care with the patient at the center receiving the best timely care. Timeliness is a critical concern that we all agree is the definitive value of medicine.   

As a health plan veteran, I work to build the best physician networks that are regional and area of care specific. Physician strategy is helping physicians identify the best tools and resources to ensure quality of care and deliver the best of care outcomes for their patients.   

Whether I am launching a new campus for specialized care or working with physicians’ services, my sole goal is to ensure patients have access to high-quality health care.   

There is a nirvana-like ecosystem where information, technology and care converge to ensure patient have better outcomes and care is measurable and affordable.   

The business of healthcare is solvable, and I am advocating for True Care for everyone. 

Let's get this Reboot started! Choose your perk:

With as little as $1.50 you can help us develop the operating plan for a breakthrough health insurance innovation focused on providing affordable and understandable services that are fiscally responsible and supported by modern technologies. 

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