Our Mission


Incubate Clarity

Reboot Healthcare’s mission is to incubate clarity. Healthcare is complex and it’s easy to lose sight of both the big picture and the little details. We’re here to help bring healthcare’s challenges into focus and support efforts to reboot the healthcare system.
Read more about why we’re rebooting healthcare here.

 Our Structure

for the public good

Reboot Healthcare is a public benefit corporation, often referred to as “B Corp”.

We have a special duty to perform work that benefits the public, making life a little better for us all. This status also requires that our benefit to society be measurable—the work we do has to have a real impact.


With public responsibility comes public reporting. Our mission and measurable impacts are reviewed and published according to state requirements.

Look for our first public benefit report on January 31, 2020

Beyond profit

Public benefit corporation status gives us the flexibility to make smart investments in people and solutions, while freeing us to make decisions based on values that transcend profit.

This special status means we can host events like the Reboot Healthcare Summit without needing to own every good idea that comes from it. We foster an environment where people can develop and implement their own solutions, and do everything we can to spread the best solutions. We use the profits we make to invest in the most promising ideas and people as part of our mission to incubate the organizations bringing clarity to healthcare.

Our Principles


If we do what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always got.
Building better healthcare starts with rethinking assumptions, care models, and definitions of health.


TVs, phones, and planes aren’t what they used to be 20 years ago—by design. Healthcare needs a major redesign to keep up with both technology and the times.


Healthcare won’t magically evolve into something better. Thoughts need to be translated into action. Designs need to be implemented. We support rapid prototyping of alternatives, in order update and reboot healthcare.

Our People



Laura Landry Portraits- Janice Owen Photography-4.png

Laura Landry

Laura is an advocate for facing the structural problems of American healthcare squarely, rather than continuing to let the status quo profit while Americans suffer an extreme lack of coverage, outrageous levels of health disparities, and indefensible costs (that are a feature and not a bug) in the current healthcare business model.

Laura has been solving technical and operational problems in healthcare for 19 years, and has determined that radical innovation and solutions cannot be adopted inside the current system.

Advisory Committee

Jose Yongco, MD, MPH, MSHI, FACP, FHM


Dr. Jose Yongco practices at the leading edge of medicine, as a Hospitalist and board certified Clinical Informaticist, two of the youngest recognized medical specialties. He has a master’s degree in Healthcare Management and Policy. He has also practiced outpatient medicine, providing healthcare to the indigent clinical population. With such a background, he is keenly aware of the need for healthcare transformation. Delivering value, defined as quality divided by cost is his most immediate everyday concern while practicing medicine. On the long term, he is passionate about utilizing information technology to deliver healthcare transformation, where incentives are aligned among all the key stakeholders, and the patient is at the center of it all.

Robert M. Cothren, PhD

Rim Cothren Picture website.jpg

Robert (Rim) Cothren is a leader in developing and implementing strategies for health information sharing and interoperability. He serves as the Executive Director for the California Association of Health Information Exchanges, where he leads a diverse group of providers, payors, public health agencies, and state agencies. He also serves as the CTO for the National Association for Trusted Exchange, where he promotes consumer engagement and sharing of electronic health information with consumers. As a consultant, Rim aids federal and state government and private organizations in advancing their health IT systems through implementation of organizational policies, data governance, effective workflow, and emerging technologies.

S. Bre Jackson

bre jackson.jpg

Bre Jackson is a results-driven information technology leader with the expertise and proven ability to deliver innovative solutions in fast-paced healthcare environments. She has fifteen years of experience in key roles such as CIO, VP, Director of Information Technology, Director of Operations, Privacy and Security Officer in large healthcare organizations.