About Us


Restore the health insurance industry to its stated purpose of providing financial protection from high, unexpected costs in the event of accident or illness


Simplify the business of healthcare while nurturing the relationships of healthcare


The healthcare delivery system is optimized to provide a continuum where physicians and specialists synchronously coordinate patient care.

Care and treatment options are responsive to patients and caregivers, providing timely interventions and therapies to improve health status.

There is a focus on cure whenever it is possible and comfort whenever necessary.


Laura Landry, Co-Founder

Laura Landry draws on her 30+ years of executive, operations, program, and relationship management in her work with large, complex organizations to bring their mission-critical initiatives to fruition. Laura knows how to balance rapid development and delivery with managing the risks associated with game-changing initiatives. Laura has worked with diverse clients in several industries, but primarily focused on government and healthcare.

S. Bre Jackson, Co-Founder

S. Bre Jackson is a health plan veteran, S.Bre previously served as regional executive, in which capacity she oversaw health care services, network management, e-business, marketing, product development, customer operations and group managed services significantly boosting membership and revenues. S. Bre works to ensure patients’ access to high-quality health care is at an affordable price. Bre's results-driven style in both physician strategy and information technology has delivered innovative solutions in fast-paced healthcare environments. She has held roles such as Regional Director of Physician Services, CIO, VP, Director of Information Technology, Director of Operations, Privacy and Security Officer in large healthcare organizations.


Dr. Estelita Carandang

Dr. Carandang is an Internal Medicine Specialist in Napa, California. Having more than 55 years of diverse experiences, especially in internal medicine.  She specializes in diagnosing and treating cross-system illnesses that may affect multiple organ systems.  Her mission is to empower individuals and communities with the tools that they need to optimize their health and achieve their goals in all aspects of life. 

Dr. Carandang’s philosophy of medicine is holistic and about all of you, not just your medical history or medication list. She believes that each person ought to be treated like a whole person with complex needs addressed appropriately and timely.

Lisa Petrocchi-Merriman, M.A.

Lisa Petrocchi-Merriman, M.A. is a psychotherapist and Health and Wellness Mindset Coach. Lisa’s niche is understanding the neuroscience of trauma and what brings relief. In her coaching practice, Lisa coaches individuals and work groups effective tools based in neuroscience to manage their personal and professional stressors. Coaching globally, Lisa has trained over 10,000 individuals to reach their goals. Lisa’s clinical expertise gives her coaching a unique direction, giving clients tools that put them back in charge of their personal and professional lives.

For 17 plus years, Lisa treated children and adult survivors of abuse and trauma at a local government health agency. During her tenure with the agency, Lisa championed and led the design and implementation of the agency’s Customer Service Improvement program making her a pioneer in the attempt to improve patient experience.  

Dr. Allen Arnette

Dr. Allen Arnette has always pursued a course of study that would allow him to work in the healing arts. “My goal has always been to treat patients naturally and holistically.”

Through his many years of formal education and training in bodywork and chiropractic, along with his study of oriental medicine and acupuncture, he is proud to offer his patients the best of the healing arts from both the West and the East. During the course of his career, he has successfully treated thousands of patients of all ages and backgrounds for a wide array of ailments and conditions.

Scott Forgey, J.D.

Developing people’s capacities at the intersection of individual/team performance and mindfulness, Scott is known for generating new levels of personal success and business performance for companies from major corporations to startups.

Scott  is a master in project management and Agile, Kanban and Scrum. He coaches top coaches, executives and managers from all fields,  including award-winning architects and designers, Oscar-and Tony-winning actors, opera singers, Grammy-winning musicians and  composers, athletes from the NBA, NFL, etc. As a startup founder, he took his legal practice public and had a successful exit.