apply for a scholarship

Reboot Healthcare is committed to ensuring that all healthcare stakeholder perspectives and voices are represented at the Reboot Healthcare Summit 2019.

As part of that commitment, Reboot is proud to offer fifty scholarships to attend this year’s Summit.

Who can apply

You can apply for a scholarship if:

  • You are a patient or caregiver with no other relation to the healthcare system,

  • You work for a non-profit in the healthcare and/or innovation space, or

  • You are a student pursuing a graduate or post-graduate degree.

What’s covered

The scholarship covers the entire Summit registration cost. This means that meals and all other benefits listed on the Registration page are available to scholarship recipients.

Not Covered

The scholarship does not cover any travel costs, hotel costs, nor is there any included per diem.

Support Requested

If you are physically capable and willing, we invite you to volunteer to support the Summit by performing the function of “scribe” for no more than three (3) Peer Sessions. This is equal to three hours of the 22 contact hours of the event. If you are willing, please be sure to select the volunteer option in the form below.

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Area of Study
Select whichever apply to your current Master's or PhD studies.
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Please write one or two short paragraphs about yourself and why you want to attend the Reboot Healthcare Summit 2019.
Please write two to three short paragraphs detailing a problem in the healthcare system, your experience of that problem, and why you believe it's important to address that problem.
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