Our journey to better healthcare sets sail on the stately Queen Mary,
a beautiful high-seas hotel moored in Long Beach harbor.

Queen Mary.jpg

The Hotel & Conference space

The Reboot Healthcare Summit 2019 will be held on the Queen Mary Hotel.

The Queen Mary combines early-1900s luxury with modern conveniences. Inspiring, liberating views of the high seas will invigorate participants through the hard work ahead, while all-included meals, refreshments, and—of course—High Tea provide the fuel for the journey.

The ship has a limited number of rooms available. Early registrants will have priority access at special summit rates when booking rooms. After the sumptuous art-deco staterooms are filled, late registrants will have to find another port of call.
(There are many hotels in Long Beach, but don’t wait to book: other conferences will be in town!)

Note: the room discount contract is pending finalization—registrants will receive an email update when the discount is available.

Note: mobility accessibility is limited in some areas of the ship. However, the venue offers accessible hotel rooms upon request and Reboot staff will ensure that conference room assignments are accessible for participants.

Downtown Long Beach

Downtown Long Beach

Queen Mary Hotel

Queen Mary Hotel

The City Of Long Beach

Long Beach is a sun-soaked jewel on the California Coast, a few minutes south of Los Angeles. The city is large enough to host fine restaurants, a world-class aquarium and other attractions, and all the amenities of modern life—without all the traffic.

Several airports and freeways serve the city of Long Beach. Flights are available directly into Long Beach Airport, and other airports like LAX, Burbank, and Ontario are an hour-or-less drive away. Several freeways ensure that wherever you’re coming from, you can easily get to the Queen Mary.