Our name says it all — we want to give Healthcare a fresh start.

Reboot gathers together real people who run and use healthcare.

  • Are you a medical practitioner fighting to do the good you trained to do?

  • Are you a patient who wants to beat your disease, not your health plan or doctors?

  • Are you a public official seeking better solutions for your constituents?

  • Are you an insurer tired of bureaucratic hoops and frustrated clients?

  • Are you a problem-solver who helps people meet the challenges they face?

Better healthcare tomorrow needs your participation today.

We invite all Healthcare Stakeholders to Participate

The stakeholders of healthcare may be generally categorized as:

  • Patients — real people who use the healthcare system and need it to be better for us

  • Caregivers — those of us who take care of our family and friends and help manage their care

  • Physicians — those who take the responsibility of ensuring patient care

  • Other Licensed Medical Professionals — integral to patient care are the people who fulfill on the physician’s orders

    • Nurses, Therapists, Counselors, etc.

  • Other — there are many other key healthcare stakeholders whose perspectives are important, such as entrepreneurs, employers, information technology, consultants, etc.

Who We are

  • We empower significant and rapid improvement in healthcare business processes.

  • We look at the big picture, identify the most severe issues, evaluate existing solutions, pick a direction and throw our weight behind testing them in real healthcare settings.

  • We understand that trying something and having it fail or succeed quickly is crucial to getting to an improved solution in place rapidly.

  • We work in the real world with real results, we iterate quickly to effect change.

  • We are committed to accelerating healthcare improvements — 17 years from research results to adoption is too long.

  • We understand real people are being harmed by bad processes and know that high visibility small fixes can bring huge amounts of relief to people in healthcare.

Who We Are Not

  • We are not patiently waiting for “someone” (whoever that someone is) to improve U.S. healthcare.

  • We are not “status quo” people.

  • We don’t do the same thing over and over again, hoping for a better result.

Reboot Recruits

We’ve said this in other places, and we mean it — You have a role here here if you want healthcare to work efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re a billion dollar joint venture, a small physician practice, a healthy person wanting alternatives, a chronically ill person who needs better tools, or an employer who wants to provide better healthcare options.

The more people weighing in on the highest priority and most urgent items to be fixed in U.S. healthcare, the better. We’re working to make measurable improvements in the urgent issues in healthcare (as voted by Reboot Healthcare participants) little-by-little every year.