It's time to Reboot Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been “simplifying administration” (HIPAA) since 1996. It’s been 25 years — does it seem “simple” to you?

For two decades, the “new” method for improving healthcare has been pushing financial risk out to patients (co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles) and providers (hospitals, physicians, etc.)

Every regulation and business decision has consequences. The consequences of HIPAA and health insurance risk-shifting has been two decades of increased complexity, the transition of most health insurance companies from non-profits to for-profits, and many mergers of large healthcare organizations.



Who we are and what we're up to

We are a group of healthcare veterans committed to bringing clarity to the Healthcare industry — starting with building a new type of health insurance.

Increased premiums, increased out-of-pockets (sometimes called “co-insurance” or “deductibles”), tightly restricted physician networks, delays in approvals or access to specialty care…

Where will it end?

It is time for someone to build a better health insurance company — and that’s our first milestone!

We’re not a health insurance company yet — and we’re asking you to support our Crowdfunding effort to help us get there!

Principles for Redesigning Healthcare Business Processes

Defeat the Chaos

Trying to find the anticipated cost of a medical event, but nobody seems to have the answers? There are so many pieces of paper! What do they all mean? Payment requests from multiple organizations that all say different things but happened during one procedure -- that happened months ago!
Less words, more clarity

Our Investment Your Care

Customers Should Be Delighted

Medical care is not a luxury.
Your employer, your government, or you are paying for these services. Your health insurance company needs to provide you, your doctors, your pharmacies, and all the other healthcare services with clear, unambiguous answers and support.
Excellent customer experience is your right

Healthy = Happy

Caring and Patient-Centered

Healthcare is a series of services you need at different stages of your life. When you need it, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you went to the wrong provider, or if you're covered. It's time health insurance companies compete for your business based on doing what's right for you.
Clarity reduces your stress

Your Patient Your Decision

Physicians: Your Patient, Your Decision

You know your patient best, patients shouldn't suffer because of insurance dictates. Health insurance shouldn't try to control doctors -- practicing medicine is not what insurance companies (should) do.
Providers need trustworthy partners

Support Reboot Healthcare

The people most affected by health insurance failures are you:

We could go the “traditional investment” route, but we believe if that would end up exactly the same way the most recent “new” health insurance companies have — less options for patients, less options for physicians and other providers, and higher costs.

So we’re reaching out to the people who care — the 66% of this country who want affordable healthcare (not insurance) and physicians who feel strangled by the current model.


Patients, caregivers, physicians, and other licensed medical professionals. You are in the trenches every day, and we know it.

We are asking for you to support this effort

Between 25-40% of healthcare dollars spent are wasted

Everyone assumes “wasted” means “fraud” — but nothing could be further from the truth. The real culprits are unnecessary complexity and inefficiency. 

In a person’s most vulnerable times of life, they are met with unfathomable complexity just to get their care established and coordinated — and in many cases, people who have health insurance must switch to the Medicaid option in their state, due to the inability to meet the up-front cash requirements for treatment that can range from $5,000 to $15,000 deductibles.

So what are we doing? We are building a community of people who are tired of the bad service and unimaginable complexity of their current health insurance companies, and are interested in being a part of a new model of healthcare — one where the health plan is the capital partner of the patients, physicians, and other providers in the healthcare ecosystem.

Help Us Crowdsource Cost Effective Healthcare

This article (link) summarizes the challenge — “We are still far from understanding how healthcare practice can be improved rapidly, comprehensively, at large scale, and sustainably. In fact, this observation has been made several times in previous decades.” Published May, 2019

At Reboot Healthcare, we think being unable to improve is the most fundamental flaw of an industry.

If it is too complex to be improved, it is too complex, period!